by Noelle Mack

August 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2276-3
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Trade Paperback

After reading the first book in the Pack of St. James series, I felt an obligation to read the second novel, hoping that the series would gain momentum. Unfortunately, my worst fears were realized, and Wanton has left me unimpressed.

With the leader, Kyril, and his wife in Russia, the pack is being guided by Marko Taruskin. Marko is not a very able leader, however, and some of the pack is going astray. It does not help that Marko is being distracted by Severin, a stunning woman of undetermined origins. When Marko finds a murdered young woman on the street, he hopes that the Pack is not involved in some way. This paragraph alone should give you an indication about the structure of the book.

If the only thing that readers cared about were erotic bedroom scenes, then Noelle Mack would have a best-seller. However, for most of us, it is the story that compels. After 130 pages, during which time Marko and Severin were hardly together, I gave up in defeat. I simply did not care about anything that was happening in the book.

There were few encounters between the main couple, the mystery was not much of a mystery, and frankly, there could have been a corpse on every corner and it would not have helped. The story lacked any cohesion and was littered with unsavory and unsympathetic characters. Wanton has left me cold. The Pack of St. James can run amok. I will not be reading any more.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Paula.

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