by Shelley Bradley

May 2008
ISBN: 1-59998-674-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Samhain Publishing, Ltd

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Mitch MacKinnon has just been assigned the kind of story he dreads: investigating a local dating service company. A Perfect Match is run by Juliette Lowell and it is up to Mitch to discover the ins and outs of her successful company.

Juliette loves helping people find their ideal mates. It is the perfect career for her and she is very proud of the success she has had so far. Mitch’s skepticism about matchmaking and true love infuriate Juliette. Or perhaps it is her fierce attraction to Mitch that infuriates her most of all. Juliette is considering a marriage proposal but all she can think about is Mitch. She is sure he is going to lambast her business but even that thought only makes her want to see him again.

Mitch is everything Juliette wants to avoid: a man who detests relationships and stability. But yet, Mitch’s Perfect Match results say Juliette is his ideal mate. How can that be? And what will it mean for their already tumultuous relationship?

A Perfect Match is an old-fashioned romance of sorts. Boy meets girl, boy and girl are wildly attracted but there are myriad complications. I enjoyed watching these two match wits, but Juliette’s continued insistence that Mitch was not the man for her was exhausting. She just seemed really unwilling to change her conception of the perfect man to something more realistic.

Mitch is not perfect by any means; he is definitely a typical guy. He is a bit obtuse about women, perhaps lacks a sensitivity to their needs, and he is very sexy, but he is also a nice, all-around man, with ambitious career goals and the need to succeed. His desire and feelings for Juliette surprise him constantly but in great ways that make his character more complex.

While I found this to be an average read more than anything else, there is a lot of potential in this story and the romance is definitely intriguing. I know I will not be giving up on author Shelley Bradley.

Reviewed in June 2008 by Sarah.

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