by Cynthia Simmons

June 2002
ISBN: 1-59129-381-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Publish America
Trade Paperback

Anything My Love involves revenge, and love in the Wild West!

Our story begins with the beautiful Derinda James, and her mother, Dorothy, who is dying of tuberculosis. Derinda’s mother confesses that Derinda’s father isn’t the man she grew up with, but a man her mother met and fell in love with shortly before her marriage. Dorothy knows that she will soon meet her maker, and with no other family left but Derinda’s small nephew, Dorothy wants Derinda to get to know her biological father, a gunslinger in Arizona.

Derinda sets off on a journey to meet her father, Stewart Gage, in Arizona. They spend a short time together, and Derinda learns that Stewart has an adopted son Clinton. Derinda leaves for home, not knowing that Stuart has health problems of his own, health problems he tricks Clinton into helping him take care of! Clint kills his father in a gunfight, and when Derinda returns to Arizona only to find her father dead, and hears rumors of his gunfight with Clint, she vows revenge!

Derinda hires a hit man to meet her in Wyoming, where Clint owns a successful ranch. While Derinda waits for The Silver Kid, she happens on a meeting with Clint himself, and then the fun begins!

Through circumstance, Derinda and her young nephew Nicholas find themselves guests at Clint’s ranch, and Derinda begins to weave a tangle of lies to keep from being found out! Derinda can’t help but find Clint attractive; an inner battle is waged between lust and vengeance. Adding fuel to the fire is her nephew Nicholas, who thinks Clint’s the best thing since sliced bread, and Clint genuinely likes Nicholas right back!

Will Clint discover Derinda’s real reason for coming to Wyoming? Will Derinda allow revenge to keep her from a man she so desperately wants? Will Clint be picked off before he has the chance to find out what Derinda’s up to?

This read was downright adorable! As Derinda tells lie after lie to save her hide, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at her ingenuity! Clint is a perfect match for this feisty beauty; calm and cool, he knows something fishy is going on, but he lets Derinda trip all over her tongue just by sitting back and watching her. The stark contrast the author portrayed between the two was a fun frolic of combative dialogue!

The relationship between Nicholas and Clint melted my heart. The enjoyment Clint derives from just being with Nicholas was genuine and lighthearted. Clint and Derinda together are a blend of passion and wit, a relationship well cultivated by Ms. Simmons.

The secondary characters were just that, secondary. They spent their time primarily in the background, adding flow to the story, but never overshadowing the main focus. A pleasurable, fun experience from beginning to end, I highly recommend this if you need a quick pick me up!

Endearing and cleverly written is what you’ll find when you read Anything, My Love!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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