by Pamela Britton

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-373-77222-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Some women are attracted to security and are drawn toward men with financial acumen and wealth. Some women are drawn to creativity and seek out artists and musicians to feed their souls. Some women just can’t stay away from those bad boys, the wicked men who have rules of their own and don’t much care what everyone else thinks or does.

Vicki Bradford is not one of those women. Unfortunately her boss has just given her a new assignment – ride herd on NASCAR’s newest and wildest bad boy – Brandon Burke. From his antics on and off the track to his star-quality good looks, he is trouble with a capital T. Vicki may have more man that she can handle, but she is determined to do her job. She has plenty to prove, and if she can just get this right, she will be able to convince her family that she doesn’t need their help.

Brandon Burke has spent a lifetime on the track. Dragged by his ambitious father from race to race, home-schooled just enough to satisfy the state, his childhood was one big counterclockwise circle. Once he was old enough to resist, the final betrayal nearly destroyed him. Now he is driven again – to succeed, and to prove to himself that he is worth that success.

Author Pamela Britton has a real feel for the NASCAR-themed novels she writes. Venturing beyond the track she looks deep into the souls of her characters to find their true motivation. Her books have an emotional depth that makes her a favorite of romance readers. On the Move lives up to our expectations and more. Brandon and Vicki both have issues that people can relate to. How they overcome their personal demons makes the story worthwhile.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Paula.

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