by Jane Graves

June 2008
ISBN: 0-446-61787-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Heather Montgomery is an accountant who definitely lacks the spontaneity gene. That all changes when she goes to Las Vegas for her cousin Reginaís bridesmaid party. A night out on the town, lots of champagne, twenty-thousand dollars, and the very sexy Tony McCaffrey add up to a night Heather will never forget. But that is just what Heather wants. She wants to forget that night because amidst Tony and Heatherís private revelry, they got married. And now both of them want out, badly.

Tony is very thankful that Heather is giving him the twenty-thousand dollars he needs to buy the bar in Plano, Texas, that is up for sale. He is not so thankful however that he wants to stay married to her! A nice quickie annulment is the plan they agree on, but that changes when Tony and Heather arrive home to a contingent of Heatherís relatives. To make an uncomfortable situation even worse, a drunk Heather called her mother to give her the happy news, and suddenly, Tony is the talk of the Montgomery family.

But now Tony knows how he can help Heather. Heíll stay married to her for a month, just through Reginaís wedding. It is the least he can do after Heather helped to make his dream come true. But can this confirmed bachelor, this playboy, stick it out as a married man, even for a month? Can Heather put up with his messy lifestyle, the women constantly flirting with him, and her own desire for Tony?

Tall Tales and Wedding Veils starts off with a whopper of a story and the story just keeps growing. Initially Heather does not want to disappoint her family, particularly her mother, but before she realizes it, Heather is enjoying being married to Tony. He makes her appreciate life and definitely shows her how to have fun. It was nice to see Heather loosen up as the story went on, but also to retain some of the control that makes her who she is.

Tony is a bit of a womanizer. He has father issues and he has no plans to ever settle down. But he wants his bar to succeed, and with Heatherís help, it may just do that. Tony is perhaps a bit slow to truly appreciate Heather but then, he has been surrounded by rather flighty women for so long, it is hard for him to value Heatherís intelligence and determination. She did not dumb herself down for him; rather, he took the initiative and met her head on as a man.

While I felt like some of Tonyís issues were tied up a tad too neatly, particularly regarding his father, Tall Tales and Wedding Veils still succeeded in creating a blooming romance. Jane Graves takes the anxiety of weddings, family, and marriage, and explodes it into an intriguing and appealing romance. This romance knows when to have fun and when to take the emotions to the next level.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Sarah.

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