by Sophie Jordan

August 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-133927-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands

Having received word that her missing scoundrel of a husband was about to commit bigamy with a Scottish heiress, Lady Astrid the Duchess of Derring, knew she must stop him. Living from hand to mouth for over five years since Bertram absconded with forged funds, and what little was left of the family’s money and her jewels, Astrid borrowed a coach from some good friends, and raced off to the Highlands to bring justice and closure to her marriage.

With only an aged servant as coachman, Astrid was an easy mark to Highland rogues. Shots ring out, and a tall dark, long-haired stranger rescues Astrid from the brute who was about to ravish her. Felled by a rock flung by one of the miscreants before he finally succumbed, the stranger collapses in Astrid’s arms, and she knows she cannot leave him, or he will die. Racing off to the nearest inn Astrid begins nursing the man. One look at his bottomless blue eyes, Astrid feels the icy walls of her exterior persona begin to melt; the man was the most handsome of male specimens!

Griffin Shaw had journeyed from his native Texas to the Scottish Highlands to find his destiny. Hearing screams, Griffin pulls his rifle and quickly dispatches the highwaymen who are attacking the unarmed coach and its inhabitants. Seeing the stunning blonde with the dark eyes reminds Griffin of another nameless woman who he was not able to save while fighting for Texas’ freedom and Griffin knows he cannot turn away this time. After regaining consciousness, Griffin is puzzled by the cold aloofness set by the duchess one minute and the passionate hellcat that fights its way out when in Griffin’s arms. Either way, Griffin is not about to let the stubborn Astrid continue on her own especially when her husband turns up dead, and she was the last person seen in his room. Griffin is used to taking what he wants and needs, and he will make Astrid surrender her heart to him!

Sophie Jordan has honed her craft well; Surrender to Me is the latest in her best selling romance novels. Lady Astrid, whom we have met in previous books, breaks out of her stony exterior and displays a red hot passion when given the chance with the wild Griffin. Great secondary characters and plotlines add to the magic of Surrender to Me, a winner from start to finish!

Reviewed in July 2008 by Bonnie.

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