by Susan Krinard

November 2002
ISBN: 0425186865
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Eden Fleming elopes with her cousin, Cornelius Fleming, and conceives a child before discovering that Cornelius is not human. She flees and gives birth to a son a few months later but is told the baby died. She then leaves Hartsmere and marries another man. Six years later Eden's husband tells her, before he dies, that her son is still alive. After the funeral, Eden returns to Hartsmere in search of her son.

The Forest Lord, Hern, one of the last of Fane, needs an heir of his blood or he cannot return to his homeland, Tir-na-nog. One day, Eden's father, Cyrus, is hunting in the forest and breaks the pact between the Flemings and the Fanes that has been intact for over a million years. Hern is angry and threatens to take the fortune of the Flemings forever, unless Cyrus's daughter weds him and produces a child of his making. Cyrus finally agrees but adds a condition that Hern must gain Eden's love before they wed.

The Forest Lord proves to be a tale of pure magic and fantasies. The story itself is dazzling and captivating. The characters dance with life along the flow of the story. It is one of those books that once you start, you will not be able to put it down. Although I am not interested in pagan mythology, this book arises my curiosity in finding out more and reading more. Ms. Krinard's novels have been popular among paranormal romance lovers and I highly recommend The Forest Lord for a newbie like me to start with. A fabulous and wonderful read for anyone who loves a great tale!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Rose.

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