by Joy Nash

October 2008
ISBN: 978-0-505-52767-7
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Mass Market Paperback

The whirl wind life of being a rock megastar was getting old fast for Mananna’n Mac Lir. Born 700 years ago, Mac is an immortal being, son of the sidhe queen, Niniane, and the god of the seas, Lir. When someone starts attacking the fae villages of the Scottish highlands and stealing the life essences of innocent fairy children, Mac sets out to track the death magic being. When he confronts the culprit, Mac is stunned at what he finds, Artemis Black, a witch who can mysteriously interweave both death and life magic!

Artemis Alexandria Black is a woman on a desperate mission. Her precious six year old son lay comatose in a Philadelphia hospital and time is running out. Zander’s soul has been stolen, and is now imprisoned in the bowels of Hell. The demon, Malachi, has offered to help Artemis retrieve her son’s soul...for a price. Steal the essence from as many life magic beings as she can. But Artemis has gone too far, and now she is being hunted by a powerful life magic being.

Caught by the demigod Mac, Artemis is whisked away to Mac’s warded estate which is more fortress then home. This is to keep out death magic, but also the groupies and paparazzi that hound Mac’s every move. Mac is immediately drawn sexually to the exotic beauty and power of Artemis and she also cannot deny the lust she feels when Mac takes her. Once they make The Crossing into the dark evil realms of Hell only their newfound love can save them!

The collective writing talents of Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash, and Robin T Popp have produced one of the most original paranormal romance series on today’s book shelves, The Immortals. The latest by Joy Nash, The Crossing, follows the adventures of Mananna’n Mac Lir whom we met previously in a “younger” visage but because of his intake of death magic in the fight with his fellow immortals to save Tain, he now has an older appearance. Too bad his emotional level has not matured the same way. All too impulsively he jumps on Artemis (literally) and decides she is the “one.” Artemis has little if no redeeming qualities, and by the time it is explained about her son, the reader can no longer like her especially when she keeps getting Mac into deeper trouble. Overall, the clever interpretations of the levels of Hell are actually funny, (I won’t give anything away but anyone who has ever stood in line at a check in counter will understand). The Immortals keep the magic flowing!

Reviewed in September 2008 by Bonnie.

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