by Jennifer Ashley

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-505-52745-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Los Angeles, September

Being demon bait was not Samantha’s favorite part of her job as a Paranormal Police detective, but there was no one else better suited for this assignment. Samantha was half-demon. About to collar the club’s owner who was suspected of dealing in Mindglow, a demon date rape drug, Samantha noticed the hulking man at the end of the bar with his head down and sensed something familiar about him. As Samantha was about to call for back-up and make the arrest, rival demons from another clan crashed the club and began tearing the place apart. The stranger sprang into action, whipped out his magic enhanced swords, and brought down the attackers quicker then Samantha could draw her gun! Samantha was in shock, she had not seen him since over a year ago when she and his immortal brothers battled an Old One demon for his life, it was Tain!

Tain, the youngest and most powerful of the five Immortal brothers who were created at the dawn of time to protect mankind, had been held captive and tortured over and over by the evil demon Kekhsut for 700 years, before finally finding his freedom. Samantha had shown no fear when she and his brothers went to Seattle to rescue him. Trying to heal from the horrors that were done to his body, mind and soul was not easy, but Tain had left the security of his home at Ravenscroft to return to his work as a protector of mankind. Investigating the serial murders of demon girls, led him to this club and back to the arms of the one woman who could heal Tain’s heart, Samantha. He was going to take her this time, and after 700 years it wasn’t going to be gentle, but the forces of power among demon-kind and the vampires was shifting and only one being could save the world from it, Tain. With Samantha at Tain’s side, this was to be The Redeeming!

The fans have asked for it and finally got it, Tain the catalyst of the last five novels in this awesome series gets his own story and hot romance. Jennifer Ashley’s The Redeeming is chock full of all the elements that are key to this series originality, and brings back some old (literally) characters to make it truly worthy of a paranormal read to satisfy even a Vampire’s blood lust!

Reviewed in August 2008 by Bonnie.

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