by Jaci Burton

November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22357-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Heat
Trade Paperback

Riding Temptation is the second book in the Wild Riders series. The Wild Riders is a group of former bad boys who now work undercover for the U.S. government. Retired military general Grange Lee runs the operation and has personally chosen its members.

At the age of 15, Jessie Matthews was taken off the streets by the General. Saving her from a life of crime, he forced her to complete her education while also training her as a future Wild Rider. The training involved knowing engines, fighting and weapons. Now Jessie is 23 and finally getting her first assignment – she’s to join Diaz and Spence to infiltrate a biker gang suspected of supplying guns to a survivalist group.

Diaz Delgado thinks the assignment too dangerous for Jessie. In order to become members of The Devil’s Skulls, they have to make it through an initiation, which most likely will involve something sexual. Diaz has always done his best to avoid Jessie, uncomfortable with his attraction to a girl who’s always been like a little sister to the rest of the men in their organization. But Diaz certainly doesn’t see a little girl when he looks at Jessie, and refuses to act on his desires, even though Jessie has made it clear that’s exactly what she wants.

When they arrive at the bike rally in Arkansas, Jessie and Diaz pose as a couple, while Spence works his wiles on the female members of the gang. Forced to share a room, Diaz finds it increasingly more difficult to resist Jessie. And when he learns she’s even more inexperienced than he’d assumed, he’s torn between his duty and his desires.

Things take a dangerous turn and Diaz, the leader of the mission, has to learn how to overcome his fears when it comes to letting Jessie do her job. And Jessie has to figure out how to convince Diaz he’s worth loving. Riding Temptation is an energetic, sexy continuation to the Wild Rider series and this fan certainly can’t wait to get her hands on book 3 - Riding Instinct.

Reviewed in October 2008 by Jackie.

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