by Lisa Kleypas

June 2001
ISBN: 0-380-80232-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Author Amanda Briars had resigned herself to the fact that she was an “on the shelf” spinster, but that didn’t mean that she planned on turning 30 without ever having slept with a man. So in an impetuous moment, Amanda visits a notorious madam to hire a prostitute as a birthday present to herself. The madam assures Amanda that a man will visit her home on an arranged date to fulfill Amanda’s wishes.

When Jack Devlin is unexpectedly yanked into Amanda Briar’s home after knocking on her front door, he is understandably surprised. He is even more shocked when he realizes that Amanda has mistaken him for a prostitute she had hired for the evening. Being the scoundrel that he is, Jack does not immediately set Amanda straight, but rather enjoys a few stolen embraces with her before he regretfully leaves.

Weeks later, Amanda cannot get Jack out of her mind although she realizes the futility of ever seeing him again. Therefore, when she spots him at a society gathering, she is more than stunned - she is furious and more than a little afraid her reputation is in danger! Amanda learns that Jack is none other than the tycoon of a publishing company with a scandalous reputation and that he wants to make a business arrangement with her, the real reason he arrived at her door that fateful night.

Neither Amanda nor Jack can forget the passion they felt for each other and their business dealings bring them together often so that soon their sexual feelings reach the boiling point. They both have reasons for not wanting a serious relationship; Amanda rejoices in her independence, and Jack's childhood left him damaged to where he cannot seem to give more than token affection to any woman. But will these two scholarly individuals be able to deny their feelings to each other and listen to their hearts rather than their heads?

Suddenly You combines the best of scorching sensuality, humor and heart-touching romance! Amanda and Jack are wonderful, brought-to-life individuals and their inner struggles were well-written and completely believable. I loved reading the progression of their feelings for each other and while I never doubted that their love would prevail over their problems, I still felt the pain of their separation.

I appreciated the fact that Ms. Kleypas kept the focus on Amanda and Jack throughout the novel by keeping the supporting characters at a minimum, with them having only small segments in the story. There was also no villain or mystery to solve, which also kept the budding romance between Jack and Amanda in the forefront.

Lisa Kleypas is a newly discovered author for me and I enjoyed Suddenly You so much that I cannot wait to pick up another novel by this extremely talented author!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Nicole.

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