by JoAnn Ross

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-451-22479-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

We return once again to South Carolina for the second High Risk novel. This time its Quinn McKade who gets caught up in the action when the town of Somersett finds itself targeted by a serial sniper.

Former SEAL Quinn McKade has retired and is now teaching a writing course as well as writing his own novels. Its his way of dealing with a mission gone bad eight months previously. When a nearby shooting brings him and FBI agent Caitlin Cavanaugh together again, he wants very much to pick up where they left off.

Caitlin isnt thrilled to find herself in charge of such a shocking murder case, but shes going to do her best to hunt down the killer before any more innocent people have to die. When Quinn McKade offers his help she knows she needs it but shes not comfortable in his presence. The last time theyd seen each other theyd had one hot night of sex before she'd snuck out of his hotel room the following morning. She may have been drunk that night, but shes never forgotten how great they were together.

As the death toll rises, Caitlin becomes more determined than ever to find the killer. At the same time, the killer realizes what a threat she is and has decided shell have to be taken care of if he hopes to survive.

During the story we see short clips of the tragic helicopter crash that was first mentioned in Freefall. Seen from a different perspective it is no less traumatic and Im hoping the next book in the series will complete the picture. Several characters from the previous book make an appearance as Quinn requests help both in a professional and personal capacity. Ms. Ross once again entertains readers with her latest romantic suspense novel.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Jackie.

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