by Ann Jacobs and Carroll Mavis-Raine

January 2002
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In Entrapped, Ann Jacob takes us behind the walls of an Iraqi prison where Kuwaiti Jamil Al Hassan has been imprisoned for the last 11 years. His expertise as a geo-petroleum engineer has made him a valuable prisoner, as long as he is useful. With the start of the American offensive against Iraq, Jamil knows his days are now numbered. After enduring unspeakable tortures and watching his fellow prisoners die one by one, he will do anything to escape.

Leila al Sanan is a widow whose husband was killed during the Iraqi war with Kuwait. She did not escape injury; her face and part of her upper body were burned. She believes that she is no longer beautiful and desirable. Leila jumps at the chance to be with a man again when her brother-in-law decides that she can have one of the prisonerís until he is executed before they close the prison.

Leila and Jamil form an alliance that will allow them both to be free from the prisons that they have been in since this war started. The sex is hot and it is kind of nice to have the hero in chains for a change.

In Entangled by Carroll Mavis Raine, Laura and Declan have been pen pals for months before she goes to Ireland to meet him. Laura justifies her trip as research for her book. The fact that Declan is a member of the IRA and she has to go to Portaloise Prison in Dublin to meet him is something else entirely. From the moment they meet, Declan and Laura canít keep their hands off each other. When Declan breaks out of prison and comes to her, Laura hides him. When he meets up with some of his fellow IRA members, he gets Laura mixed up in a scheme that could get them all killed. But Laura soon finds out that there is more to Declan than meets the eye.

Captured tells the stories of four people trapped in both physical and emotional prisons and shows us that with courage, determination and trust, we can all free ourselves. It doesnít hurt that the sex is hot and the heroes are to die for.

I would definitely recommend this ebook.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Carolyn.