by Diana Hunter

April 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1508-6
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Fresh from signing the paperwork that makes her divorce final at the courthouse, Carol goes home and to the one place that makes her feel like it is hers. The garden shed, where she proceeded to cry and fall asleep, never realizing just what would happen afterwards.

Brian had finally came up for air after doing research for his next book. He isnít happy about the state of his kitchen, glancing out the window he sees a foot sticking out the door of the garden shed. Realizing the foot belongs to Carol he knew something had to be wrong, so off he goes with cell phone in hand calling 911.

Carol didnít need the help from 911, as she was just sleeping after the crying spell she had. The attraction between the two of them finally caught flame when Carol told Brian why she was sleeping in the shed.

Brian took advantage of what Carol was offering and something he wanted to explore with her from almost the time she moved into the house behind his with only a fence separating their property. Brian liked his sex a little rough and Carol didnít stop to dissuade him in the least.

Diana Hunter penned a wonderful short story of someone being introduced to a little pain mixed with pleasure to achieve their release. Will the attraction between the two of them be more than just one night? Or will a Promise For Now bring Carol down into Brianís dungeon again? Youíll have to read it to find out. If you havenít read any stories by Diana Hunter and want to give her a try this will give you a glimpse and you will want to read more of her stories. I know I do.

Reviewed in April 2008 by Pam.

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