by Madison Layle, Anna Leigh Keaton

April 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60088-242-5
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Penelope Schwartz is on the brink of death in a blazing fire when firefighters Joseph Osceola and Blake Thomas rescue her. They are immediately captivated by the petite woman and though she is a suspect in the ongoing arson investigation surrounding Incognito, the fetish club that burned down, they cannot help but be attracted to her. In a move they recognize could get them in trouble, they visit her house, to see if she is okay, only to find Penelope in shock.

Penelope has led a very sheltered life. Recently widowed, she is on the brink of freedom when Joseph and Blake enter her life. She is immediately charmed, attracted, and self-conscious around the two self-described Dominants. Penelope is a natural submissive. But is she ready to handle two very strong men; two men who are starting to care very deeply for her?

Pursuing Penelope is a sexy, if rather unconventional romance. Penelope has led a very guarded life. She is sweet, kind, and definitely a more old-fashioned type heroine. Readers may get frustrated with her very submissive attitude, but in the context of the story it works very well, given her background and life. Blake and Joseph are protective and passionate at the same time. It will take some understanding for them to fully make their relationship work, but it is a journey well worth reading.

While there are a few plot twists used that seem implausible, there is still a solid love story and that makes all the difference. These authors know how to write a sensual and enjoyable romance!

Reviewed in July 2008 by Sarah.