by Tracey Bateman

August 2008
ISBN: 978-0-446-69895-5
Reviewer Graphic Button FaithWords
Trade Paperback

Laini Sullivan thought she wanted to become an interior designer. But sheís beginning to rethink this decision. After all, sheís barely making above a D in her classes, her professors have all gently suggested she find a different major, and sheís color blind. But when her boss, Nick, at the coffee house hires her to design his soon-to-be remodeled coffee shop, Laini thinks she might be able do it.

Thereís only one other problem. Nickís nephew, Joe, is managing the coffee shop while Nick is away and he hates all Lainiís ideas. When Lainiís house is robbed, she meets a sweet police officer, Mark. Then both Mark and Joe seem interested in Laini. But both seem to be harboring secrets and warning Laini that the other is ďnot what he seems.Ē Who is right? Which guy should Laini choose?

That`s (not exactly) Amore is the third book in Ms. Batemanís Drama Queen series, but it easily stands alone. It was nice revisiting with the characters from the other two books while getting to know Laini better. I think that this third book is my favorite one in the series, although You Had Me at Goodbye ran a close second.

Laini is a loveable heroine with realistic faults. Both heroes had faults but were loveable at the same time. I had my favorite early on. The faith message is expertly woven in and isnít preachy. Donít miss That`s (not exactly) Amore.

Reviewed in September 2008 by Laura.

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