by Ann Jacobs

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As Bounty Hunter Garrett Bryant recuperates from injuries from his last assignment, arousing images of his beautiful ex wife, Elaine, torment him. Despite their divorce, she still haunts his dreams.

Elaine has not been able to forget Garrett either. Although she loves him, the fear of losing him had made her end their marriage.

When their daughter Leah runs away from home, the two must overcome their differences to find her. Armed with only two stones given to Garrett by the mysterious Selena, they go in search of Leah.

The two stones, one light and one dark, a crystal and an obsidian, exude warmth, love, and magic when brought together. Unbeknown to Garrett and Elaine, they also have the same powers. Though they are like day and night, together, they are capable of producing their own type of magic. This magic eventually leads them to their child.

Colors of Magic is an enjoyable, original, erotic tale with vibrant splashes of magic and passion. The lovemaking scenes are flawlessly written and highly erotic. Ann Jacobs does a superb job of creating a memorable, exciting story in just a few pages. I would have enjoyed learning a little more about Selena. I do hope there is a story about her in the works.

But for now, if you’re looking for a fascinating and quick read, then look no further. Colors of Magic is here.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Natasha.

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