by Jayne Ann Krentz, Jasmine Cresswell, Marie Ferrarella

January 2003
ISBN: 0-373-83586-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Trade Paperback

As both an anthology fan and a Jayne Ann Krentz fan, it was a delight to find an anthology featuring one of her stories that I hadnít read. The Main Attraction kicks off this trio of contemporary tales with a fun romp by the acknowledged mistress of lighthearted romance. When Filomena Cromwell returns to her home town as a gorgeous and successful designer, itís time to pay off some old debts. Her family sweats the scandals until Trent Ravinder steps in and offers to ďkeep her out of troubleĒ. Itís classic Krentz, with a hero that needs a good swift kick up his arrogant attitude and a heroine who gives him one. Lots of fun.

The next story, Edge of Eternity by Jasmine Cresswell, is a little more intense. Divorced couple Eve and David Powell are flung back together by circumstance and a little family meddling. They are also flung into the middle of a dangerous situation that gets worse as they find themselves fighting their still-smoldering passions. Both Eve and David are great characters, honest about their lives and terrified of making the same mistakes again. But circumstances force them into facing up to their feelings while they face deadly danger. Itís an exciting romance, with a lively plot Ė perhaps a little on the dramatic side for a lighthearted romantic anthology, but it balances well against the other two stories.

Concluding the trilogy is My Phony Valentine by Marie Ferrarella. At first glance the plot seemed a bit ho-hum; outgoing gorgeous company head persuades quiet brilliant cousin to take her place with a client. Cousin falls madly in love with said client. But actually, TJ (the cousin) and Christopher (the client) are both delightful characters. Itís their charm that makes this such a delightful story, and their romance is real, touching, passionate and fun. I could wish that the story stayed in one character's thoughts longer than a couple of paragraphs Ė it got a little confusing with its very frequent changes of perspective. But in spite of that minor comment, it was a lovely tale, and an excellent choice to conclude this anthology.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Celia.