by Susan Andersen

August 2008
ISBN: 978-0-373-77304-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Cutting Loose begins a new trilogy revolving around three women who have been friends since they were young girls.

Jane Kaplinski regrets the death of Agnes Wolcott, but is thrilled to inherit, along with Poppy and Ava, her mansion and the collectibles she has inside. As an employee of the Seattle Metropolitan Museum, this is a huge coupe for her and if she does the job well she could expect a boost to her career.

The three women are also having the house renovated in order to sell it. Kavanagh construction is hired and Devlin Kavanagh immediately makes a bad first impression when Jane sees him drunk at a restaurant. Little does she realize he’s just flown half way around the world and is beyond jet lagged. And the few drinks he did have hit him harder than they normally would.

Jane grew up with very overly dramatic and passionate parents who both also have a drinking problem. Hence her distaste of drunks, as well as her total lack of desire for any passion in her life. So her strong and unwanted desire for Devlin takes her by surprise. But when she can no longer deny her desire for him, she makes him a proposal.

Devlin is back in town only long enough to fill in for his brother who is currently undergoing chemo treatments. He loves his family but was relieved to have escaped them years ago. When Jane offers him a no strings affair he doesn’t even hesitate to take her up on it. Neither one of them is looking for a relationship, and he knows he’ll be leaving in a few months.

Circumstances cause both Jane and Devlin to reevaluate their feelings for each other, but it may be too late as a desperate and jealous thief will do anything to destroy Jane.

Cutting Loose is a delight – the relationship between the three friends is endearing and fun, Jane and Dev’s growing feelings for each other certainly spice things up, and a little bit of suspense all combine to show once again why Susan Andersen is a must read author.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Jackie.

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