by Christine Feehan

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22343-7
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Nicholas De La Cruz has traveled to the Carpathian Mountains to deliver ominous news to his Prince. He has proof that the vampires have formed an alliance and are doing everything in their power to destroy the Carpathian people. His own family unwittingly played a role, but has remained loyal to their leader. He dreads being the messenger, but it will be his last service to Prince Mikhail. He is overcome with darkness and plans to walk into the sun once he has finished his meeting. Too many lonely centuries have passed, too many deaths on his soul, he cannot imagine going on with his cold existence for another day.

Lara Calladine has returned to the Carpathian Mountains on a mission. An expert in ice caves and the organisms that survive in extreme conditions, she has returned to her birthplace to learn the truth. She hopes to find out if her aunts are still alive, being held captive in ice. They helped her survive a nightmarish childhood of abuse and pain, and aided in her escape. Now she is willing to do whatever is necessary to find and free them. As both mage and Dragonseeker, she has plenty of power. As she enters the Inn at the base of the mountain range, her birthmark heats, warning her of vampires nearby, but as quickly as it warmed, it cooled back off. Was she in danger or not?

Nicholas cannot believe his eyes. Standing before him is the only reason to keep living – his lifemate. After centuries of a gray bleak existence, he is filled with emotion. The love for his brothers almost brings him to his knees. He never dreamed it could be so powerful. He must claim her at once. She will understand in time that he is doing what is best for her.

Christine Feehan’s latest Carpathian novel really tugs on a lot of emotion. Here we have Nicholas, a true traditionalist in thought and deed, and Lara, a survivor with plenty of baggage. The battle that rages between them is at times so raw that readers will be consumed by it. The plotline is equally compelling as Lara’s insights into Xavier’s experiments may hold the key to the survival of the entire race. Dark Curse will bring readers to the edge of their seats before the final page is turned.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Paula.

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