by Marjorie M. Liu

August 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8439-5939
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

When she awoke, it was dark. She could smell smoke and knew she had to move, but she felt strange. She could not remember where she was – or who she was. Then she found the bodies, the blood on her hands, and the note on her jacket that said “RUN”.

Lannes Hannelore prefers his quiet life on the Maine coast. After being rescued from the witch who imprisoned him and his brothers, he wants to be left alone. He sees few people these days, but when his old friend Frederick Brimley asks for his help, he can not refuse. The elderly gentleman has been a friend to the gargoyles since he was a young lad, as was his father before him. It saddens Lannes to see him so aged, but that is the way of humans. Their life spans are short compared to the centuries he will remain alive.

The young woman he encounters on the street needs help. He just doesn’t know what kind of trouble she is in, or what danger she poses to Frederick. Still, he cannot cast her aside, even when he feels an evil presence near her.

Readers of the Dirk and Steele novels have been given a cornucopia of unusually gifted characters during the course of the series. Djinn, shapeshifters of all species, mermen and people who control energy are just a few of the many individuals Marjorie M. Liu has created for her avid fans. One particular character has created more “buzz” than any other – Charlie the Gargoyle from her novella A Dream of Stone and Shadow. Readers asked for more about stories about these guardians, and Ms. Liu has delivered with The Wild Road.

Lannes may be a reluctant hero but once he decides to get involved, he again shows why these gentle guardians have such appeal. The plot was a bit contrived in that it tied the woman back into the original novella, but one cannot argue with Fate. I won’t reveal any more because it will spoil the fun for readers who embark on this journey.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Paula.

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