by Susan Johnson, Thea Devine, Katherine O'Neal

January 2003
ISBN: 1-57566-816-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

This collection of erotic tales from the Kensington Brava line has a distinctly elegant feel to it. It features historical tales set in Russia, London and the more exotic locales of Gibraltar and Tangiers. But overall it features sex, and plenty of it.

Susan Johnson is well known for her steam-heat generating tales, and she leads off this anthology with a story set in the countryside of Russia in the days of Ivan the Terrible. Married against her will, lovely Tatiana Shuisky meets and falls in love with Stavr Biron, a neighboring landowner. Can their idyllic interlude survive the foul intervention of her disgusting husband? Its vintage Johnson, with long skirts falling to the floor, plenty of throbbing and pulsing, and multiple moments of ecstasy. One right after another. You have to love fiction!

Thea Devine takes us to Regency England, where the bored and lascivious Earl of Wick has apparently plowed everything female in the Metropolis and is looking for fresh prey. A friend sets a plan in motion to present the Earl with three seducible virgins. However, one is not as seducible as she might appear, and the Earl of Wick finds his path not running as smoothly as hed hoped. An interesting premise, and interesting characters, spoiled a little by the rather uncharming Wick himself. Hes not a very nice hero and I wasnt quite sure if he deserved Jenise.

Katherine ONeal concludes this book with an interesting tale of passion and the paranormal. Two people meet and realize that this is but the next in a long series of encounters that have taken place through times long gone. Their sexual desires are allowed full sway, a dash of bondage takes place, and were in a Scheherazade-like situation before we know it. This story was different, the premise slightly unusual, and the sex hot and a little bit fetish oriented. It is, however, a tidy conclusion to a book of well-written steamy love stories.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Celia.