by Treva Harte

September 2001
ISBN: 1-84360-080-3
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World Enough Book 3 of The Deviants is the last installment of the wacky gender-separated world created by Ms. Harte. I was sad to let go, but thrilled with the final ride! My last glimpse of a world where the sexes are divided into planets and crossing over means you’re labeled a deviant, this reader thinks a series is in order here!

The whole gang is back for book three, each with different missions, and some with sticky legal troubles....

Faith Blaise, a Femmelander, has been arrested and charged with a little sperm tampering. Edmond Jarvish is her attorney, an Androvian, who realizes it’s not just the legalities of Faith’s case he’s interested in! Edmond discovers that he’s a bit deviant too, and he has a rather large secret he’s been keeping.

Tierra and Androvia collide, and while Faith prepares for trial with the sexy Edmond, there’s a whole lot of deviancy going on! There’s never been a trial like this on either planet before, and Edmond is going to have to pull out all the stops to save Faith from execution.

Tory and Aric are off on a mission to Earth, to search for the missing sperm trader, Amma. Tory, an earthling, was abducted by Amma from Earth, and is now looking to go home. During Tory’s stay on Tierra, where she discovered she was the only heterosexual on the planet, she found her own deviant in Aric. Aric doesn’t want Tory on this mission, and he doesn’t want her to go back to Earth, and leave him. But when the two come to rescue Amma, some startling secrets about Tierra and Androvia are revealed!

Will the trial of the century bring the two planets together? Will Tory and Aric come back to Femmeland, or choose to stay on Earth?

Ms. Harte’s legal expertise shines brilliantly here - Edmond proves to be very crafty indeed! She’s bright and funny, and she finds a way to end this series without a loose end in sight! Her characters are so well developed you can identify with them completely. I was drawn into the story from page one, and didn’t leave my seat until it was over!

Insecure, vulnerable, strong and smart, a fine cast of many, blends with the ease and grace Ms. Harte is known for! I grinned from ear to ear throughout this book, and wiped a tear away at the end when my adventure in Femmeland was over. Then I consoled myself by remembering, there are more of Ms. Harte’s work I have yet to discover!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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