by Liz Andrews

April 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59632-682-8
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Rayne Jankowski has had a crush on Scott Marsten ever since he started coming to her café, The Essence of Life, at the start of summer. She is giddy with happiness when he asks her out and of course, she says yes. Though Rayne has a hard time believing a sexy man like Scott could be interested in her more plus-size body, she is not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Everything seems to be going great until Rayne discovers she may have inherited some paranormal abilities from her family after all. Since most powers in the family manifest themselves when the person is younger, Rayne thought the paranormal genes skipped her, until her brother tells her she has the power to influence people. Suddenly, the confident and in love Rayne has to question whether the food she has been giving Scott all summer has made him fall in love with her, rather than his own free will.

Rayne and Scott have a very sweet and conventional romance. They have been noticing each other for several months now and have finally decided to act on their feelings in a big way. It was just very romantic watching their relationship blend smoothly and naturally into a more intimate relationship. Though they confessed their feelings to each other rather quickly, it seemed normal after the many special moments they had already shared. Of course, with any new relationship it is very easy for doubts to set in so even that aspect of the story was believable.

Sugar and Spice is a sexy and smart romance with just a hint of the paranormal to add some more flavor to the plot. Scott and Rayne were a fun couple to pass the time with.

Reviewed in April 2008 by Sarah.

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