by Linda McLaughlin

January 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-069-0
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Rogue’s Hostage takes place in the savage untamed wilderness and the cold winters of Quebec.

Mara Dupre is the hostage, taken by force from her farm after her husband Emile is killed. Lieutenant Jacques Corbeau is the handsome Frenchman who leads the party of Indians that slaughters Mara’s husband, and takes her hostage. A sticky way to begin a relationship, to say the least!

Fort Duquesne is the destination this band of rogues journey toward, and they drag a very frightened, but spirited, Mara along with them. Mara is a smart woman and has left a clue behind for her brother Gideon to find; question is, will he find it in time to save Mara from falling in love with the handsome Jacques?

Jacques tells Mara that upon arrival at the Fort, she will remain a captive and her choices are limited. An Indian tribe could very possibly adopt her, or she can cook and do laundry at the Fort. Tales of torture by the Indians swirl in Mara’s head, and what she’s hearing from Jacques is a direct contradiction to the rumors. When they arrive at the Fort, Mara is given a job at the trading post run by a nice couple.

Mara is torn between her attraction for the French Jacques, and her alliance to her brother Gideon, a British soldier. Will Mara give in to her secret desires, and let herself fall for the Lieutenant? Or will she choose her freedom from the fighting she so hates between the French and the British? Can Jacques let her go, knowing she only stays with him because she is his captive?

Many misunderstandings occur between Jacques and Mara. Jacques desires the pretty Mara, and Mara fights her desires because her husband’s death is so recent, and the feelings Jacques awakens in the unworldly Mara frighten her. Jacques carefully woos Mara, and a slowly simmered love gently emerges.

There is plenty of history for a buff to engage in throughout the book, and dedication to research shows. Mara fears Jacques for all the right reasons. Mara’s inner turmoil over desiring the man that led the party resulting in her husband’s death felt dead on target. She is lost and alone in a world unfamiliar to her, yet she showed the gumption of a champ in adjusting to her new surroundings.

Jacques has inner turmoil of his own that keeps him from pushing Mara, yet make him a complex and appealing character. The reader soon comes to find that Jacques’ proposed dishonor is less a disgrace to him and more a disgrace to the abuse one’s family will dole out.

A fine look into the history of the war between the British and the French, rich in plot and character development, is what you’ll find when you read Rogue’s Hostage!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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