by Maya Banks

May 2008
ISBN: 1-59998-934-4
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Catherine Cullen-Wellesley is not putting up with her husbands' behavior anymore. Logan Wellesley and Rhys Cullen have left her in the lurch too many times to count in the past five years, but forgetting their anniversary then cancelling their trip to Jamaica is one time too many for Catherine. She has put their business first time and time again, now it is time for her to have something too.

When Rhys and Logan arrive home from an urgent business trip to find Catherine gone, they are thunderstruck. They love their wife more than anything but maybe they have become too caught up in business. Heading to Jamaica, Rhys and Logan only have one goal in mind: show Catherine how much they love her. But after years of putting her last in their life, will she believe them?

Itís hard to not enjoy this story. From the moment you meet Catherine, you will sympathize with her. She is not trying to get her husbandsí attention by leaving; rather, she just needs time to think about their situation. Catherine has some harsh truths to face but I appreciated the fact that she did not resort to melodrama or displays of temper to prove her point. She has a reasonable head on her shoulders and can appreciate that she has some fault in the situation too.

Rhys and Logan are sexy, passionate and they adore Catherine. But consumed by business, they have forgotten just how important Catherine is to their happiness. They have some hard truths to face but they do not shrink from those facts. These are adult men who use their brains and their sex drives to get what they want. Maya Banks made this relationship realistic, sexy, and honest. She made the fact that Catherine has two husbands totally ordinary and if that is a fact readers cannot accept, they may have a hard time appreciating this beautiful story.

Stay With Me will leave a warm glow in your heart and a smile on your lips, guaranteed.

Reviewed in April 2008 by Sarah.

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