by Traci E. Hall

June 2008
ISBN: 9781933836270
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

She saw him in a vision. He is her destiny...but he is not the man of her dreams.

Celestia Montehue, a true descendant of Queen Boadicea, is endowed with the gift of healing. This gift, however, will be revoked if she marries without love. Celestia obviously is alarmed when she learns of an arranged marriage to a Baronís son. Sir Nicholas is in need of healing and a wife, by marrying Celestia he will receive both.

Nicholas LeBlanc was raised as an orphan in a monastery with the belief that his mother did not want him and his father was dead. When he was older he was invited to swear allegiance to one Baron Peregrine who then trained him and sent Nicholas off on a mission in the Crusade. Nicholas was severely injured during an attack. Afterwards, he embarked on a quest of his own. A quest for absolution. Nothing goes as planned. He is at deathís door when he arrives at Montehue Manor. He is neither aware of his location nor his purpose for being there. Deceit and greed has played a huge role in guiding him to Celestia. The Montahueís liege lord, Baron Peregrine is also Nicholasí father. A curse forces the Baron to acknowledge Nicholas as his son. Also required is that Nicholasí wife bears a child.

Celestia marries Nicholas who then takes her to the estate granted to him by the Baron. She learns he intends to leave her and continue with his plan to go to Spain. The kind man she nurtured back to health in her fatherís keep has turned silent and cold. Death greets them when they arrive at their new home. Nicholas cannot leave while safety continues to elude his new bride. Besides that there is another thing he must do before leaving for Spain: Kill his father.

Lovers of classic Medieval romances will rejoice over Traci E. Hallís newest book, Loveís Magic. The author explores the darker territories of crippling addiction and overwhelming desire for vengeance in a hero who finds love with a woman who teaches him how to release the pain of the past and embrace a future with hope.

I am happy to report that Celestiaís sisters Galiana and Ela will be getting their own books soon.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Rho.

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