by Lindsay Randall

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-505-52765-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Twelve year old Dax knows there is something different about him but heís not sure exactly what it is. He has exceptional sight and hearing and the phantom riders are coming, but for whom? There is so much he doesnít understand and all he really wants is to go home to his father and be normal and then he meets Robyn, his betrothed. She gives him a heart keepsake and he gives her a feather. Later that same night, he diesÖ..or so it would seem. Sixteen years later, heís back in England, determined to clear his family name and claim his betrothed.

Ever since Robynís mother was killed, Robynís father has had a problem and now heís hit rock bottom. He lost Robynís hand in marriage in a hazard game to the loathsome Lord Morely. Now Robyn sets out to hopefully change Lord Morelyís mind by getting caught in an indiscretion at a masquerade with a hired actor. Due to a mix-up, this is when she gets her first introduction to the adult Dax and what an introduction! However she has no clue what Dax truly is and heís reluctant to tell her for fear that sheíll not love him and she wonít be safe from his enemies, especially since she has no clue that heís alive!!!

Phantom by Lindsay Randall is a historical book with a fantastic paranormal twist. Dax is truly a hero Ė there isnít anything he wonít do to protect the woman he loves, even if that means sending her away from him. Heíll fight to the death to protect her. Unfortunately for the better part of the book, Robyn resides on Too Stupid To Live Lane. Being an independent woman is an admirable thing as is wanting to do the right thing and keep those you love safe but there is nothing admirable about some of the stupid stunts she pulls. Ms. Randall threw out some wonderful plot twists that just made me want to keep reading and reading, even after I finished the book. Itís a true shame that Robynís stupidity took away from the wonderfully complex paranormal treat that is Phantom.

Reviewed in August 2008 by PamL.

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