by Shelli Stevens

January 2008
ISBN: 1-59998-850-X
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Madison Phillips has just broken up with her boyfriend and she is in search for her rebound man. She finds him in her brother's longtime best friend, Gabe Martinez. Too bad Gabe refuses to go to bed with her. He does not want to start any problems with Maddie's brother.

Madison is not happy to say the least, but she has other things on her mind. Her new espresso shop, Ooo La Latte, is finally off the ground and running. Madison is excited to own her own business and is determined to make a success of it. Too bad the Espresso Bandit is determined to see her dream turn to ashes. Dubbed the Espresso Bandit for his penchant of robbing coffee shops, the Bandit strikes Maddie's shop, and almost kills her. Maddie is the only one who can identify the Bandit and now her life is even in more danger. For her own protection, Gabe moves her away from Seattle. But now, alone and secluded with the vibrant, saucy, and intelligent Maddie, Gabe finds that he may just be losing his heart to her, permanently.

Dangerous Grounds is electrifying! The attraction between Maddie and Gabe is taut, sweet, and very lusty. Even more exciting however, is the fact that there is an intelligent and thoughtful romance behind that attraction. While they have known each other for years, Gabe and Madison are only now starting to peel away the layers and misconceptions that have grown between them.

Despite the rather campy name of the Espresso Bandit, he proved to be a dangerous threat and a great motivator for Maddie and Gabe to fall in love. The hold-up scenes are tense and scary; the fear Maddie feels is very real. Shelli Stevens did a fantastic job of bringing the emotions and thoughts of these characters to life. Dangerous Grounds starts out strong and just keeps getting better. Shelli Stevens is sure to impress!

Reviewed in March 2008 by Sarah.

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