by HelenKay Dimon

July 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1583-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Long time fans of Helen Kay Dimon are going to be glad to hear that she has finally written the stories of Cole Carruthers, and Adam Thomas; characters she first introduced in her novella Hard Hats and Silk Stockings. In Hard As Nails each of these men get their own novella as well as a third charming hunk, Ray Hammond.

All three men work for a company known as T.C. Limited, which has purchased a rather rundown, but historic house. Each man has certain skills that make them invaluable to the company, but will they use their skills just for business, or will they use their skills to manipulate their way into the lives of three unsuspecting but beautiful women?

First up is Cole. It is his job to evict the current resident of Shipman House, which T.C. Limited has purchased. Cole arrives at the house expecting to tenderly evict the elderly lady from whom the house was purchased, but what he finds is the delectable Aubrey Matheson, niece of the former homeowner instead.

Aubrey is armed and dangerous, and a stand off for possession of not only the house, but of one anotherís will soon becomes. The conclusion is fast and furious, but readers are left fairly satisfied. I did feel that there was one loose end, but without a loose end where might the next sexy hunk come from?

Next to defend the house is Adam. He is T.C.ís lawyer. Adam used to be a criminal defense lawyer, but when death threats began not only against him, but also against those closest to him, he moved to contract law for the company.

The new owner of the home is Erin McHugh and her sister Becky Carter is a lawyer. Becky is representing Erin for her dealings with T.C. Limited and the renovation of Shipman House.

What no one knows is that Adam helped manipulate Erinís purchase, so that he could see Becky again. Once many months ago they had a one-night stand that stretched to almost a week. Becky walked out on Adam, and he never quite got over that. Now he plans on setting things straight and if that means manipulating things a bitÖthan thatís what heíll do.

Adam and Becky both have to overcome their pasts to be able to look forward to their futures, but readers will find their story quite satisfying.

The final man of the trilogy is Ray Hammond. Ray is head over heels for Erin McHugh. Erin is attracted to Ray, but refuses to acknowledge it because of the age difference. She is several years older than he is, and while she sees it as a huge stumbling block he sees it as nothing to worry over.

Both Erin and Ray are also somewhat private, and also a bit manipulative because of that need to keep themselves isolated, and their emotions in tact. Their need for each to be the one to speak their needs and or wants first almost destroys their chance for success.

To find out what finally happens youíll have to read Hard As Nails. Be forewarned though that each story is truly enjoyable, and youíll want to allow enough time to read each short novella in one setting, if not the entire book at once. I now look forward to Ms. Dimonís next book with much anticipation.

Reviewed in June 2008 by Sandi.

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