by Cherry Adair

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-345-49990-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

Impulsive Kess Goodall has taken a job as publicist for the African country of Mallaruza’s President Abioyne Bongani close to the end of his re-election campaign. Lately, she’s been very busy taking pictures and documenting what has been going on with this illness that is killing millions of people all over the country. Meanwhile, that yummy friend of Abi’s – Simon Blackthorne, with an e – could occupy her time, since it looks like she’s stuck with him anyway! Kess returns to the Capital for supplies and is ordered by the President to take Simon with her on her return to the site of the latest outbreak. Upon their return, they discover that a massacre of the medical team has taken place in Kess’ absence.

Simon Blackthorne, a T-FLAC counterterrorism operative with the psi division, is on vacation to see his old friend Abi but his vacation turns into a mission when Abi asks Simon to see if he can assist Kess and the medical teams determine why millions of people are dying horrible death and possibly help protect Abi. As weird things start happening, Simon becomes very suspicious of his old friend and vows to protect Kess and get to the bottom of whatever is happening What Simon finally discovers, with the assistance of T-FLAC’s scientists, chilled me to the bone!

Cherry Adair gives us vivid descriptions of the beautiful yet deadly African country of Mallaruza in Night Fall Once again we are allowed to visit those yummy psi operatives. Kess is a wonderful heroine – not too much scares her, she’s inquisitive, smart, she kicks butt when she must and she’s too damned sexy for Simon’s own good! Simon is a wizard, who dreams of hearth and home, with very cool powers that are “short-circuiting” and it couldn’t happen at a worst time! There is some powerful wizardry at work and Simon is on his own, with a bit of assistance from Nomis, his “other self”. Simon’s “difficulties” with his powers allows Ms. Adair to let her sense of humor shine! I thoroughly enjoyed Night Fall and I recommend this to anyone who wants an interesting paranormal read.

Reviewed in September 2008 by PamL.

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