by Nalini Singh

September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22325-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

He vowed to destroy the system that allowed a monster to prey on the vulnerable, which killed his baby sister. Although he does not have the ability to shift into animal form, DarkRiver sniper Dorian Christensen has the will to channel the leopard’s lethal thirst for vengeance. When a child’s life is at stake, Dorian does one of the hardest things he has had to do – he offers safety to one of the Psy Council’s allies, Dr. Ashaya Aleine. His attraction to Ashaya is as unwanted as it is uncontrollable but it just may save his life and his soul.

Ashaya has been separated from her son for years. Except for scheduled Council monitored visitations she has had little contact with him. To all appearances she is the model Psy: cold, calm and emotionless. Deep inside she battles to save her son, herself and her people from enslavement. With the help of her new Changeling allies and her sexy protector, Ashaya prepares to do the unfathomable . . . go head-to-head with the Psy Council and hope she survives.

Nalini Singh’s addictive Psy/Changeling series takes a dramatic turn in Hostage to Pleasure. Faithful readers will be glad to note that characters from the all the other books make appearances in this newest release. The much anticipated story of one of the most intriguing characters to date in the series will not disappoint. Dorian’s tale is full of all the passion, sensuality and action that the character himself projects from every page. Prepare yourselves for a wild sexy ride from start to finish.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Cynthia.

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