by Margaret Marr

January 2003
ISBN: 1-931742-76-6
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Do you believe in guardian angels? What if they really existed and were there every time something bad happened to you? Rick has been sensing a presence lately - whenever he gets into a jam that could cause him even mild hurt, he is suddenly spared. He also thinks he can hear his best friend, Sally Ann, nearby. He knows this is impossible because she died of complications from HIV a little over a year ago.

Sally Ann was an emergency room nurse. During the hustle of an emergency, a needle stuck her. Little did she know that she would contract HIV and later lose her battle with the disease. She was comforted by the presence of her best friend Rick, whom she has been secretly in love with for a long time. When she died, she did her best to be appointed his guardian angel. She takes her job very seriously, maybe a too seriously. She has been appointed a watcher. Another angel to watch over her and make sure that she doesnít break the rules and interfere too much in Rickís life.

John has the thankless job of being Sally Ann's watcher. How do you stop someone from doing too much? John had attained the highest level of angelhood, when he was cast into hell for selfishly saving a life that was destined to end. He redeemed himself when he foiled a plot set in motion by the devil to destroy heaven. He was allowed to watch over Sally Ann, not only because she was not following the rules, but also because she was the Chosen One. She would be able to banish evil. It didnít help that John has fallen in love with her.

When Rick meets Alex, a fellow construction worker, the sparks fly and Sally Ann begins to get jealous. She is unaware of her importance in the future of these two people. With the appearance of mysterious evil beings that begin to menace and threaten Rick, Sally Ann is kept increasingly busy keeping him safe.

John is tortured, but well meaning. His unrequited love for Sally Ann is a little painful to see. I was getting a little annoyed with Sally Ann, her mooning and hovering over Rick was getting boring. I kept wanting to scream, John is right there, fall in love with him already! But all in all, I enjoyed this story. Watching Alex and Rick fall in love and the obstacles that the have to face is both painful and uplifting. They handle it with grace and honesty. Johnís frustration with Sally Annís obsession with Rick is understandable, but he finally comes to terms with his feelings, with a little help from the local eccentric, Mrs. Rinfield.

Between Earth and Eternity is full of ghosts, black-robed villains, and a demonic angel, trying to destroy the earth. It is a sweet love story with an angelic twist. No souls were sacrificed in the writing of this book. Sleep peacefully, because you never know if your guardian angel is watching over you.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Carolyn.

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