by Eve Silver

August 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8129-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Elizabeth Canham must help support her family so she takes a job as a teacher at Burndale Academy. She is taken to the school by the enigmatic Griffin Fairfax. She notices how handsome he is but his remote manner forbids anything other than the common niceties. The school itself seems a manifestation of the menace in the air. Reports of a serial killer in Burndale immediately begin to plague Elizabeth. Old fears resurface added to the fact she feels she is being watched. Elizabeth canít afford to lose this job so she keeps her suspicions to herself. After meeting Isobel, Elizabeth realizes she is needed at Burndale if only to help this one girl. Beth also sees past the rumors and the darkness that seem to surround Griffin. The Fairfax family gives her a reason to stay, a reason to fight the rising fear trying to pull her down.

Griffin Fairfax is a man filled with sorrow and contempt. He has never forgiven himself for past misdeeds and he worries his daughter hates him. There are times she refuses to come home to Wickham Hall to spend time with him. When he sees Isobel connecting with the new teacher Griffin feels there may be hope for his daughter. It is obvious Beth has seen her own share of suffering in her young life. He admires her fortitude and is more than a little attracted to her. Bethís courage and compassionate nature is irresistible. But his dark soul prevents him from expecting her to return his affection.

The danger at Burndale is real. A serial killer is targeting young women with blonde curls. In fact, two teachers from Burndale have already fallen victim. Bethís physicality puts her next on the murderer's list. It is time for Griffin to step out of his self-induced retreat and take a chance with Beth. Her life depends on it.

In His Wicked Sins the reader is given a story within a story that merges successfully at the end of the book. Beth, Griffin, and Isobel are characters a reader may respond to easily. Ms. Silver is a gifted writer of gothic novels. Yet the authorís attempt to cause the reader to question Griffinís innocence was not believable, and at times it was a bit annoying. However, there is a killer on the loose and to find out who it is pick up a copy of His Wicked Sins today.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Rho.

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