by Gwyn Cready

January 2008
ISBN: 1416541152
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Present day, Pittsburgh International Airport

Pharmaceutical executive Persephone ďSephĒ Pyle was wandering Pittsburgh airport looking in the shops when a pair of to die for pink silk stiletto heels called her name. They were just the medicine to take her overactive, sex deprived mind off her hunky traveling companion and coworker, corporate lawyer Tom Fraser. Tottering on the heels Seph begins to fall and when she lands she isnít in Pittsburgh anymore, but in some three dimensional recreation of her very own unwritten romance novel, complete with a hero modeled in the flesh after Tom!

Adriatic Sea, 1706

Privateer Captain Phillip Drummond is a man on a mission, well many missions. Drum needs the author of his story to come to him so that she can fix the inconsistencies, such as an out of sync hurricane, and a ship that isnít designed correctly. Not to mention the missing dispatches he had on the enemy Frenchís plans for Gibraltar. Drum has a gypsy woman that is sailing with him conjure up the pink shoes to bring Seph Pyle to him. What Drum didnít count on was that she was stirring up more of a storm then the uncontrollable squall raging out at sea! Seph is in awe of Tomís doppelganger, who kisses her silly and makes her insides turn to jelly. Trying to straighten out Drumís destiny is not going to be an easy task, and when the real Tom gets thrown into the story, things really begin to tumble out of control!

Tumbling Through Time is written by first time out of the gate author Gwyn Cready. Aside from a lot of long-winded situations and flimsy characters, misspells, (she needs a better proof reader) and not enough steam to make this romance hot, Tumbling Through Time could have been so much better. There are a lot of unexplained important aspects to the plot, such as how does Seph get her tattoos and what do they mean? Is Seph in love with Phillip or with Tom? And who is who? Getting through the book is not easy what with all the chaos going on, and when you get to the end, instead of what you hope is a happy ending, is kind of a let down. There are some fun parts mixed in and the humor leaves a few smiles on your face, but Tumbling Through Time left me with an unsatisfied feeling when done.

Reviewed in March 2008 by Bonnie.

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