by Diana J. Cosby

November 2007
ISBN: 1420101080
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Northern England, Northumberland, 1296

After the argument she has with her wastrel brother, Griffin, Baron of Monceaux, Lady Nichola Westcott is in no mood to deal with much else. The creditors are breathing down her neck, and her former fiancť has shown his true colors now that she is almost penniless. Is it any wonder Nichola does not trust men? Not expecting to be accosted in her own homeís solar, Nichola finds herself whisked away in the powerful arms of a huge warrior Scot!

Sir Alexander MacGruder has vowed upon his fatherís grave to bring down the enemy English, and he and his brothers are in need of coin to accomplish it. Alexanderís clan has plotted to kidnap the nearby border baron of Monceaux. Confronting the lovely lass in the solar, Alexander learns that his intended prey has left the castle, so Alexander must settle for the Baronís feisty sister. Spiriting her out of her own castle through its secret passage ways, Nichola begins fighting her captor at every turn. Alexander cannot help but admire the lassís tenacity, if she werenít English he could fall for herÖ.very easily. His Captive is fast becoming his love, and Alexander has sworn to protect Nichola no matter what the cost or danger to them both!

Diana Cosby is a talented and bright new star rising among the celebrated romance authors. Her debut novel His Captive has all the elements needed to make it a hit! Lady Nichola is intelligent and beautiful but her traumatic experiences as a child and abuses by the men in her life are making it hard for her to keep up her brave front to Alexander and learn to trust him. Sir Alexander though allegiant to his family is willing to defy them in order to keep his word to Nichola that no harm will come to her. These two are so meant for each other despite their differences you will be rooting for them right up to the exciting ending! Diana Cosby I hope you intend to give Alexanderís sexy brothers their own stories!

Reviewed in March 2008 by Bonnie.

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