by Jennifer Ashley

April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-8439-6004-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

October, 1820

Western Highlands, Scotland

Princess Zarabeth of Nvangaria had fled her country with the help of her cousin Prince Damien to seek asylum in the Scottish highlands with her family’s good friend Laird Egan MacDonald. Zarabeth’s husband had plotted to overthrow Damien from the throne and seize power himself. Thwarting his vicious plans, Zarabeth now needed to escape her vengeful husband’s wrath. With only three well chosen countrymen as bodyguards, Zarabeth set sail for the home of the one man her heart had always belonged and the only person whose mind she could not read, Egan MacDonald.

Egan MacDonald had been in debt to his good friend Olaf and his family since Olaf’s young daughter Zarabeth had been instrumental in saving Egan’s life. Finding his attraction to the beautiful princess growing beyond what it should have, and knowing he was not worthy of her hand in marriage, Egan had fled Nvangaria and returned to his clan at the crumbling Castle MacDonald. When word arrives that Zarabeth’s life is in peril and she is being sent to him for protection, the honorable Egan would do anything to see that Zarabeth remain safe, not only from the assassins sent to Scotland but from his own passion. Egan knows Zarabeth is not for him, but his façade is being worn down by the persistent Zarabeth who wants to know what Highlanders wear under their kilts, and dreams of living with her Highlander Ever After!

USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Ashley conveys another romantic story with Highlander Ever After, sequel to her successful earlier tales of Nvangaria. Hero Egan gets a bit tiresome with his “I am not good enough for her” routine. Egan tries to avoid being with Zarabeth even though he continuously finds ways to make himself alone with her. Talk about masochistic! Zarabeth becomes the aggressor in the relationship by coyly trying to get under Egan’s kilt. It takes almost three quarters of the book for her to do so, and by that time we the reader are almost as frustrated with Egan as Zarabeth is! The secondary plot of Egan’s sister Mary and the mysterious Baron Valentin earned more of my attention. Overall Highlander Ever After was not quite satisfying.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Bonnie.

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