by Treva Harte

October 2001
ISBN: 1-84360-059-5
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Wicked by Treva Harte, is a compelling tale of lovers so caught up in their need for one another, the world around them fades to the background. Leaving this reader yet again enthralled by the writings of Ms. Harte!

Doyle and Livana have known each other all of their young lives. Outcasts in their small town, each for different reasons, they find consolation with each other. When Doyle leaves their small town to get away from the ridicule and gossip that has haunted him most of his life, Livana is left heart broken and lonely.

Doyle returns ten years later, much of which Livana has spent longing for him. When the lovers see one another again, they each find they still feel the same, yet Doyle is hesitant to give Livana access to his world. A world Doyle thinks Livana will find depraved, and that at all costs, he will try to protect her from. Livana is willing to do anything for Doyle, but will she immerse herself in Doyle’s world only to be repulsed by his lifestyle?

This book gives insight into just how powerful an aphrodisiac love can be, even when it comes to addiction and proclivities. Ms. Harte is a master at pacing a plot, giving you just enough information to keep you turning the page! Though a short read, this is jam packed with story, leaving you feeling like you read a full-length novel. Hot and spicy, gentle and sweet are what makes Wicked a surefire hit!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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