by Lori Donovan

November 2002
ISBN: 1-931761-55-8
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Newcomer Lori Donovan gives us a spellbinding story of timeless love. Return To Me is wonderful, passionate and hard to put down.

When Ciara Sullivan comes to Northeastern Pennsylvania to do research for her new play, she never thinks sheíll find herself embroiled in the past, surrounded by coal miners, riots and murder. While exploring an historic coal mine, she stumbles into a vein that had been closed off for years. She comes upon some sinister looking men who are surrounding an unarmed man in the tunnel. Gathering her courage, she finds a weapon and when the men pounce on the other man, she springs into action and hits one of them hard enough to give the other man a fighting advantage. Who is this man that they are trying to kill and why?

Jacob Blackwell was a businessman and when he was asked to meet one of his associates here in the mine, he really didnít think much of it; until, he reached his destination and found these men waiting for him. Were these men part of the group of miners readying for a riot? What did they want? While trying to talk some sense into them, they attacked and from nowhere comes a young boy, fighting for him. After finally fighting off the attackers and one of them escaping, he turns to the boy who may have saved his life. But after looking more carefully at him, he realizes that this is not boy, but a woman dressed in boyís clothes. After the girl faints, Jacob carries her to his home and is intent on finding out if she were actually a part of those men who had tried to kill him or just an innocent being at the right place at the wrong time.

When Ciara wakes up, itís to find that sheís in a strange place, surrounded by strange people, in strange clothes. What happened? The last thing she remembered was trying to save a man from being murdered. When an unknown man enters her room and introduces himself, she canít believe her ears. He canít be Jacob Blackwell. Jacob Blackwell was murdered in that tunnel in 1876. What has happened to her and why is he still alive, when he should be dead?

I loved this book. Being my first e-book, I was kind of hesitant, but Return To Me was wonderful. Ms. Donovan writes with flair. The characters were strong and well written, never leaving me to wonder about what they're thinking or feeling. And the romance was delightful, very touching and sweet. You could feel their passion growing for each other and the difficulty they share in acting upon it.

This book is a definite keeper and I would highly recommend anything written by Lori Donovan. Youíll not be disappointed.

Reviewed in February 2003 by Debbie.

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