by Sandra Hill

July 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22295-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Eleventh-Century, Baghdad

Viking warrior Thorfinn Haraldsson had followed another dead end lead on his missing wife and son. Searching for Luta and Miklof in harems of the middle-east, Finn would just have to face facts; they were gone for good. Saddened, Finn finally decides to go home to the Norse lands and accept the fact that his son was dead. Making his way back to his long ship Finn is attacked by a group of blood-thirsty Arab combatants. Wielding his sword and fighting to the best of his Viking abilities Finn begins to dispatch the miscreants to Hell where they belong, but is soon outnumbered and cannot keep it up for much longer. Then a miracle occurs, his cousin, Torolf, appears with a fierce group of soldiers and saves him. But the miracle soon turns into a nightmare, when Finn finds himself whisked away on a giant silver bird and taken to a strange land called America. Finn has just found himself a new home in the 21st century and decides to join Torolfís elite group of warriors, the Navy SEALs!

Present Day

Coronado, California

Widowed for five years, single mom Lydia Denton is finally ready to move ahead with her life. Her beloved husband, Dave, had been a Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. Joining her friends on a girlsí night out Lydia looks across the room at a group of SEALs and sees a vision! It canít be! He looks so much like Dave, and his eyes are the same color! Finn looks at Lydia and cannot believe it! It is Luta, but yet it isnít her! The two are instantly attracted and the chemistry sets off like a sky-rocket! But danger is stalking Lydia and her son, and Finn vows to protect what he believes to be his lost family, even at risk of his own life. No one can stop a Navy SEAL that is really a Viking Unchained!

Sandra Hillís perfected formula of the time traveling Viking and the Navy SEALS is served up once again in her latest novel, Viking Unchained. Thorfinn is the newest befuddled Viking to make his way to modern day California and try out for the SEALs. Instantly drawn to Lydia and her son, (who Finn believes to be his own lost boy), gives Finn back his purpose in life. Great fun, hot steamy sex, and a bizarre mix of stubborn Vikings and brave SEALs give Viking Unchained my score of 4 and half roses!

Reviewed in June 2008 by Bonnie.

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