by Celeste Bradley

May 2008
ISBN: 0-312-93970-1
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Sophie Blake can relax. Her cousin Deirdre has married a Marquess, and is next in line to become the Duke of Brookmoor. She can remain happily unwed, translating German fairy tales and enjoying the company of Lord Graham Cavendish, a dashing rogue who is her closest friend. As the fourth son of a duke, Graham prefers to stay as far away from his family as possible, since they have nothing in common. Shy bookish Sophie can always be counted on for lively conversation and no expectations. He is really very fond of her.

Sophie is stunned to learn about the catastrophe that has befallen Grahamís family. She wishes there was something she could do to help him, but he needs money Ė lots of money. The only way to find that kind of funds is to marry it. But what if Sophie could help? After all, Deirdre really doesnít need the Pickering fortune now, does she?

With the intriguing dressmaker Lementeur playing devilís advocate, Sophia Blake is reborn. But can the exterior changes be enough? Or is it really whatís inside that matters most?

I enjoyed the entire Heiress Bride trilogy, but have to say that this book was my favorite. Both main characters are so loveable, and yet have no real idea about how valuable they are to each other. Duke Most Wanted was a delight from beginning to end.

Reviewed in April 2008 by Paula.

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