by Kay L. Sisk

ISBN: 1-58697-257-X
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King of Paradise, by Kay L. Sisk, has to be one of the better reads I’ve had. Take a peek and see why!

Wyndha O’Brien is babysitting her sister Skye’s children, along with her new brother-in-law’s daughter. Wyndah’s sister, Skye, is on her honeymoon, and Aunt Wyndah is in charge of her two nieces and nephew. The four of them board a plane to Colorado, where all the havoc begins! This blended family vacation takes one comical turn after another with the addition of some very noteworthy heroes!

Derek and Rudy are the heroes and each finds Wyndha attractive, so they, in their own distinct styles, set off to win her heart. When they discover Wyndha and her charges are staying in the same hotel, they make friends with the children, and begin to discover which of the two best suits Wyndha.

Wyndha has quite a challenge with this bunch on her hands! The children have been thrown together due to their parent’s marriage, and each child has had prior experience with several divorces. Wyndha learns quickly that handling each child’s insecurities over its parent’s wedded bliss isn’t going to be easy! Carrie is the biggest troublemaker; she’s a teenager, and fresh, with a mouth to match her attitude! Wyndha handles her newest niece with great style, and she does it so well that Carrie doesn’t even know its happening.

Wyndah’s in for a big surprise when she finds out exactly where Derek and Rudy come from, and what they do on their ranch in Arpathia! Rudy doesn’t want Wyndha to know of his royal origins, he wants her to love him for him. Will the pretty Wyndha, a schoolteacher by day, be up for a little royalty by night?

I loved the way this author handles so many different issues. Children thrown together by marriage, with parents who have been anything but responsible for their feelings, can make for a sticky situation. However, somehow these very different kids come to respect and love one another, with clear definition.

The children coupled with these two very hunky heroes organize a matchmaking spree that will keep you smiling! Though Rudy and Wyndha fall in love rather quickly, this too is acknowledged and addressed with smarts. It only made sense that these two knew what they wanted, and were ready to get it, despite the lack of time they’d known each other.

There is much witty repartee to be had from these characters and this reader spent several chapters grinning from ear to ear! Rudy was scrumptious, not to mention his honey of a cousin Derek! Wyndha is bright and funny, and there was nothing I wanted more than to see this whole clan end up together!

When a book makes me laugh, touches my heart, and wreaks havoc with endless possibilities, it’s a keeper. This book does all that and more!

Grab yourself a copy of King of Paradise, it will make your heart sing!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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