by Jean Johnson

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22149-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Nightfall Island

Four of the Corvis brothers have found their prophesized brides, and are living happily ever after on Nightfall Island. Trevan, the eldest of the third set of twins of this powerful mage family, is still anxiously waiting and is…..sexually frustrated! Trevan has to sit idly by while his brothers and their mates parade their marital bliss by him and the last remaining bachelors. Trevan’s twin Rydan could care less, but equally frustrated Koranen cannot have his turn until Trevan and Rydan find their mates. The youngest mage, Morganen, waits for the rest of his brothers to hurry up. He has his sights set on a friend of their sister-in-law Kelly. It is with great excitement when Trevan discovers that a woman has washed up on their island, and just as the song’s words state this is his mate!

Amara and her twin sister Arora have escaped the mages who chased them from their homeland. They were of the Shiftari people, but unlike her sister, Arora does not possess their race’s natural ability to shape shift. Coming ashore on Nightfall, Amara makes sure Arora is safely hidden from the inhabitants of this strange island, at least until Amara can determine if they mean to harm Arora. Trevan must win over the prickly Amara’s trust, and decides the best way is to take his form of The Cat. His pre-destined bride is anything but willing, and alienates all of Trevan’s family with her obnoxious behavior and hoity demands. Yet, Trevan sees through Amara’s guarded exterior to the sensuous woman that lies beneath. Will Trevan get The Cat to make Amara love him?

In the fifth book of her magical series the Sons of Destiny, Jean Johnson continues her saga with The Cat. While I truly liked hero Trevan and have since he was introduced in the first book, The Sword, I wanted to slap the insufferable Amara silly. Her behavior was just way over kill, yes we get the point she wants to protect her sister, but even said Arora wants Amara to cut it out already. When Amara finally does let her guard down, some hot steamy scenes come through for her and Trevan, but by then I wasn’t enthused anymore, and my dislike for this character could not be turned around. I hope a better destiny is in store for Rydan with Arora, whose story is The Storm and takes place simultaneously to this one.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Bonnie.

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