by Cherie Feather

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0425221600
Reviewer Graphic Button Heat
Trade Paperback

The heat and sizzle of a sordid, tempestuous affair is on in Cherie Feather’s The Art of Desire. Set in modern day Santa Fe and in 1895, Texas, The Art of Desire explores that most elemental and rough of emotions: lust.

Mandy Cooper is having a hot and heavy affair with a man ten years younger than her. Jared Cabrillo is a successful horse breeder and a celebrity in the local art scene. He also just happens to be related to late nineteenth century Native American outlaw Atacar, the mysterious man in artist Catherine Burke’s painting. It is rumored they were lovers, that there is a diary confirming it, but the diary has yet to be found, even though Mandy and her assistant are hard at work trying to find it. Two things occupy Mandy’s mind most times of the day: Jared and the relationship between Atacar and Catherine.

Mandy and Jared’s “relationship” is all about sex. Kinky, sweaty, hot, and sensual sex. Love scenes occupy most of the pages of this story, either between Mandy and Jared, or between Atacar and Catherine in 1895. But despite the numerous love scenes, this book manages to hold a reader’s attention. Cherie Feather had me captivated by these romances. Getting to know these characters takes time since it is through, well sex, that they start to talk about and explore other emotions.

I really enjoyed the flashbacks, and shared experiences of love, these couples share. While their relationships seem to mimic each other at certain points, there are definitely individual moments that make each of these relationships focused and real. Cherie Feather does not shy away from exploring these relationships through sex. That is an honest appeal of this book. On the other hand, if you like your love scenes used sparingly, and in a more traditional romance form, The Art of Desire probably is not for you.

I am already anticipating the next book by this author. While I hope character development will be a bit heavier and more a focus of the story, I enjoyed this romance. The Art of Desire is sin, sizzle, and sex appeal in book form!

Reviewed in June 2008 by Sarah.

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