by Gerry Bartlett

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0425221549
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Itís a first for our Miss Gloriana St. Clair: She has to make a vampire. Glory and her bodyguard Valdez find a nearly dead woman outside of her building. It is obvious to Glory that another vampire is the culprit. She heals the woman but that isnít enough to save her life. Glory has to turn her into a vampire. To walk her through this new experience she calls her on again-off again lover, Blade. Too late, Glory finds out that she is responsible for the freshly made vampire and must now show her the ropes. Providing, of course, the woman cooperates.

The woman Glory saves is a Mafiosoís daughter, Lucky. She is willful, selfish, and a snob who gets on Gloryís nerves real quick. Lucky is accustomed to doing what she wants when she wants and doesnít care if anyone else approves. In other words, she isnít making Gloryís job easy. Between keeping Lucky safe and finding her ďkillerĒ, Glory has a dilemma of her own to solve. Someone witnessed her turning Lucky and is threatening to expose Glory to the public. Then there is her relationship with Blade. He hasnít given up on her. Glory wants him in her life, but being married to him for all eternity is a bit overwhelming. Then a sexy new male vampire enters her life and makes things even more complicated. For Glory, the after life is anything but peaceful.

Everything fans love about Glory and her zany life is back in this third installment, Real Vampires Get Lucky. Suspenseful when it needs to be, funny, and spicy in just the right places, this book is a fulfilling read. First time readers of the Glory St. Clair books will enjoy this offering by Gerry Bartlett, however reading this series from the beginning will enrich the experience of Real Vampires Get Lucky.

Reviewed in July 2008 by Rho.

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