by Madeline Hunter

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-440-24395-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Roselyn Longworth cannot believe that she has been so stupid. Distraught after scandal rocked her family, she believed that Lord Norbury was sincere. In truth he was only interested in revenge, and if he could not reach her brother, then he would take out his displeasure on the nearest Longworth. Now she has not only destroyed her reputation, but she is about to experience the ultimate humiliation – an auction – to pass her along to the next man with a ready purse.

Kyle Bradwell did not intend to interrupt Norbury’s house party, but their meeting was already planned. As long as he goes along with the development plans, Kyle can be gone before things get out of hand. He changes his mind when he discovers what is in store for Roselyn. Even though he was affected by her brother’s banking fiasco, he would never dream of dishonoring her in this fashion. He must find a way to salvage what remains of her reputation.

Madeline Hunter’s fans may recall meeting Roselyn before in one of the earlier Rothwell books, but this story brings her to the forefront. All three Rothwell brothers are present, along with the rest of the family. Fiercely devoted to her estranged brother, Roselyn has spirit, but it always seems to be focused on the wrong person. It is only as the novel progresses that we see her grow into the character we have come to expect from Ms. Hunter.

Secrets of Surrender is a fine addition to the Rothwell collection, and only whets my appetite for Christian’s story.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Paula.

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