by Sarah Strohmeyer

June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-525-95064-6
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Popular mystery author turned chick lit author, Sarah Strohmeyer brings her fans another new story this summer. Sweet Love is the story of Julie Mueller, divorcee and single mother.

Julie feels that she is in the prime of her life, but since she has a job as a television news reporter she often feels the pressure to be slimmer, and more beautiful in order to compete with those younger than she. Never does she feel the pressure as she does when the chance to work with Kirk Bledsoe comes her way. She knows that the chance to work on the national election team will mean time away from home, but what potential opportunities she’ll get outweigh the con of life on the road...besides her daughter is almost grown, and she lives in a duplex shared with her parents, and they can watch her daughter while Julie travels.

Julie however, is passed over for the national team in favor of a younger associate. Ok...no biggie until she finds out that Michael Slayton, a friend from her past gave a less than glowing recommendation. The question now is if Michael carried some grudges for all these years, why now when their paths cross again is he being nice to Julie?

Ms. Strohmeyer has written a story that should be touching to most readers...a story of a love that was planted early, but not nourished and allowed to bloom because of outside influences. Now without anyone realizing that love has finally taken root and beginning to bloom...but will it be too late? Also, is Sweet Love the story of two people’s romantic love, or the story of love that families should have for one another? For the answers to those questions you’ll have to read Sweet Love for yourself.

While I do believe that there are moments worthy of a tissue in Sweet Love I was overall left a bit disappointed. I wanted a story that would pull me in from the moment I started reading, and not allow me to set it aside until I was finished. I believe that the potential was there, but not quite met.

Reviewed in May 2008 by Sandi.

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