by Michele Sinclair

July 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0014-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Lochlen Castle, Scottish Borders, 1309

Makenna Dunstan had never needed a man or his overbearing protection before. Makenna was skilled with a sword and could take down some of her fatherís best warriors having trained along side most of them. Makenna would do anything for her clan, and her ailing father has decreed that Makenna must wed her dead sisterís husband, hated highlander Colin MacTiernay.

Colin MacTiernay had left the security of his highland home and family to wed his beloved Deirdre, daughter of lowland chieftain Alexander Dunstan. Always frail in health, Deirdre had died and Colin had stayed on with the Dunstan clan at Alexanderís request and became the Dunstan clanís first commander. A revered warrior of many fighting skills, Colin had kept his growing army closely guarded never letting on to the other lowland clans how strong and adept his forces were. Knowing how much the Dunstan clan detests and distrusts him, Colin still agrees to help them by wedding his youngest sister-in-law the head strong and willful Makenna. Taming and winning over this fierce lowland lass will be Colinís hardest challenge, but one he is confident he can achieve with a carefully plotted seduction. Unleashing Makennaís long submerged feminine side brings forth a well of passion that Colin isnít quite prepared for. The last thing Colin wants is to love another woman who might be taken from him, for there are traitorous plots being hatched among dissidents of the clan. Can Makenna find true happiness for herself and bring her divided clan back together when she weds a highlander?

Michele Sinclairís second book following her debut of The Highlanderís Bride is its sequel To Wed a Highlander. Colin MacTiernay was the brother briefly mentioned in the first story that we never really got a chance to meet. Pity, for he is extremely interesting. Complex in his wants, needs and desires, Colin is truly an enigma for a man of his time. He can be faithfully devoted to a wife (Deirdre) who spurned his physical love, and keep loyal to a prejudiced clan who really doesnít want him as their laird. Makenna is also an oddity for the time period. She trains as a man would, building a strong body and mind, and doesnít whimper about when new challenges are placed in front of her, but meets them head on and prevails. To Wed a Highlander is a refreshing take on the traditional Scottish Medieval romance.

Reviewed in August 2008 by Bonnie.

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