by Dawn Atkins

September 2002
ISBN: 0-373-25995-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #893
Mass Market Paperback

Newly divorced Nick Ryder and Miranda Chase meet at a bar. One thing leads to another and the two share the most amazing night of passion either has ever experienced. The next day they promise to get in touch and needless to say those plans fall through and each thinks the other has lost interest.

Flash forward one year later. Nick is filling in for his buddy, the doorman at Miranda’s apartment building. Miranda has just returned form a trip overseas to gather ingredients for a new skin care line she is creating for her cosmetics company. If the formulas she is working on are successful her company stands to make millions off this line.

Miranda catches someone breaking into her apartment to steal the formulas and who should come to her rescue but Nick Ryder temporary doorman/security guard and Miranda’s one night fling. After the initial first meeting the two begin to work together to figure out who is trying to sabotage Miranda’s company.

Filled with action and suspense Lipstick On His Collar takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster as the secrets behind who is trying to steal the formulas are revealed. Ms Atkins secondary characters enrich the story greatly and she keeps the suspense high as the reader keeps turning pages to find the answers.

This was a different offering from what I have read from Ms Atkins in the past. Lipstick On His Collar is a more suspenseful offering than her previous books but she proves she can write this type of book with as much success as she has shown with her more humorous offerings. I will look for more from this talented new author.

Reviewed in January 2003 by Barbara.

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