by Treva Harte

July 2001
ISBN: 1-843060-0803
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Changing the Odds: The Deviants II by Treva Harte is the continuing saga of the inhabitants of Femmeland and Androvia. Another winner in this readerís estimation, Ms. Harteís wacky world of gender separation hits the spot! If you missed the first book, thereís no harm in starting here, you can read this all by itself and still get the big picture!

Dag has been captured on the all female planet Femmeland, by Rho, a very pretty Femmelander. Dag is from the all male planet Androvia, where men are men, and Dag is scared! Inter gender mixing isnít allowed on either planet, the only time the two planets collide is to reap, and harvest sperm.

On Androvia, Dag is a stripper, and he strictly performs on stage. Heís been having some trouble convincing the customers that itís hands off, in his private life, and his reputation quite frankly stinks in the stellar department!

Rho doesnít have as much to do with his capture, as she does with making Dag sweat; he wants her in a big way! Rho is a college student, and naÔve in the ways of all things sexual. How delighted Dag is to find out that Rho is heterosexual, and wants him right back. They are considered Deviants by their own kind, and that presents a problem, especially after pregnancy figures into the picture! Rho and Dag may have conceived, what happens next is a hilarious look at same sex marriage and black market babies! To say more would spoil the plot, youíll have to read it yourself to believe it!

The secondary characters in this story are Tory and Aric, from the first book. I was delighted to see them woven throughout the story! Aric has been trying to convince Dag to join his unit of sperm traders, and in a sense becomes a Deviants guide to all things heterosexual, as well as responsible. However, Tory and Aric are never pushy about their presence; they let Dag and Rho have their moment in the limelight. Exceptional writing occurred here, it would have been too easy to allow her first loves (Tory and Aric) take over the story. They are old friends to Ms. Harte, but she never lets 'em see her sweat, in this readerís estimation. She allowed Rho and Dag the opportunity to shine while blending Tory and Aric into the storyline. Ms. Harte's distinct style creates an Alpha male, who is powerful yet vulnerable - a scintillating combination!

This lady has one fantastic sense of humor, she writes her way straight to the heart of the matter! A perfect cocktail, of humor, witty dialogue, grab a cold shower lovemaking, and the best magic of all-love!

Címon ladies Iíll race you to Elloraís Cave to buy the next installment of The Deviants!

Reviewed in February 2003 by Connie.

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